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The cycle "The Forgotten" is based on a photo-documentation by Armin T. Wegner taken care of by the Schiller-Archives in Marbach, Germany. The Ottoman Empire and Germany were Allies against Russia during World War I and so Armin T. Wegner, a young German officer, could secretly document the systematic genocide of the Armenian people. By 1922, 1.5 million Armenians had been killed. With my paintings I recall the destiny of the Armenians and honor Armin T. Wegner's bravery to have taken these photos as well as the fact that he personally wrote a letter to Adolf Hitler who just had seized power in Germany in 1933. This letter was a protest against Hitler's political actions and because of that the regime sent him to a concentration camp, from which he was fortunately able to escape. Armin T. Wegner died forgotten in Rome in the seventies. (All paintings are 185 cm x 130 cm)